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Monday, 11 February 2013

Untitled #12

I love everything about this outfit; either summer or winter, this outfit can always be worn.
Skinny jeans are what I live in, the funner (that's so not a word, but hey!) the colour, the happy I am. These jeans incorporate the latest fashion- ombré and flowers, so what's not to love?!! I love to keep everything chic with a blouse, and what's better than a black blouse, that goes with almost everything? The tortoise shell-cat eyed sunglasses (how many animals can we get in there?) make me think of Marilyn Monroe and she's just so darn fashionable. I've always wanted this style of sunglasses ever since I seen Demi Lovato wearing them, and what she has, I must have. I also love natural makeup and anything that gives your face a bit of pop! because there is nothing I hate more about my makeup than when my makeup is all the same colour- no lipstick or blusher makes me upset.

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