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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Kendall and Kylie

I envy Kendall and Kylie Jenner's genes, clothing, family- basically everything. My heart skipped a beat when they launched their own clothing line, following in their sisters footsteps; Kardashian Kollection. 

The collection is exclusively for PacSun (must admit, I'd never heard of it before this) and hit stores and online beginning 8th February, 2013. At the moment, I know of no shops in the UK that sell this collection, of course, the UK is behind on everything cool *sad face*
I searched the internet for any sight I could get of the collection and instantly fell in love. The girls were born and raised in California, and the collection doesn't half ooze the casual-yet-chic sensibility. Anything the Jenner's wear screams 'fashion forward!!!!' and I need it in my wardrobe. 

I went on the PacSun website, and nearly everything was sold out, that was not a surprise to me. The clothing items were mainly linked with summer, guessing for the California sun they grew up with, but could be easily layered up for the autumn or winter wardrobe. That's what I love about clothes; you can manipulate them for any season. 
As with any collection I have my favourite items and some items I'm not so keen on, but thank fully this is very few. My favvy items are shown below. 
                       Picture Kylie tweeted before the collection was revealed. 
      I knew straight away that these items would spruce up my summer wardrobe nicely.

                            In desperate need for both of these jackets

            The shop layout in the Garden State Plaza

I will wait for the day when it gets released in the UK because right now I am jealous of every American teenager that can get her hands on these items. Especially the khaki shirt, denim skirt, ombre shorts and the leather/denim jacket.

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