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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

During my trip to London, my friend asked me to assist on a photo shoot for a student magazine. We would be capturing the look book for 3 photo shoots that would be in the magazine, consisting of 10 looks for each photo shoot.

Throughout the day I gained great experience from working within a photographic studio, working with a model, and professional equipment. My role for the day was to help organise the clothes, my opinion was also welcomed in picking the outfits, and I helped with the model. I really enjoyed this experience as it gave me an insight in to what it would be like working in this environment, and how people more experienced than myself dealt with different scenarios. 

Here are some behind the scenes photographs that I took:

 The array of clothes that the girls could choose from amazed me; they went out and found each piece, either borrowing from brothers and boyfriends, or buying from charity shops.

 Often some 'tweaks' were needed to tailor the clothes to the best fit of the model. Luckily the clothes fitted the model greatly most of the time.

Seeing the professional equipment used gave me an insight into the industry.

And here are a selection of the final look book images captured:

 These 'looks' were the formal winter selection. I particularly liked these looks because they incorporated layers, an essential for winter, and used formal attire that were interesting because of patterns and colours.

 These 'looks' show the more 'casual' side to the photo shoot. The idea was to capture looks for a skate-park. The colours used are vivid but have the 'grungy' feel to them. I believe that skaters often have a diverse sense of style but always combine it with comfortable and flexible items. 

 I like these looks because I think the pop of mustard colour creates Mustard is often a colour that makes a come back in the colder months, this may be because the leaves take on this colour change, but mustard is such an easy colour to style and leaves an impact itself.

Overall I enjoyed my experience at the magazine photo shoot, it gave me an understanding of the hard work that goes into creating just the looks, and how lengthy the process is. However, these disadvantages never put me off the fashion world, it made me more in love with it. I liked the fact that the other girls listened to my  opinions on clothes and styles, which made me feel slightly involved with the final process. The photo shoot made me realise that everyone has to start at the bottom with minor roles and understanding to work up to a higher role. I'm looking forward to seeing the final magazine with the various photo shoots and looks that I helped develop.

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