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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Uni Open Days

Okay, so the next couple of months are important... OPEN DAYS. It's strange to think these days can map out our futures, and decide our careers. I've got my hopes on doing fashion communication and journalism. What great way to get into these than starting a fashion blog? 

Going to the open days has definitely made me become an adult faster than I want to, but they've also made me see so many different styles; coming from a small town means I don't really see much diversity in fashion or personalities, everyone just dresses the same and acts the same. 

I kept doing this thing where I kept trailing off with my thoughts looking at people's outfits, and wondering where they got the item of clothing from. Some people were very casual, and others, like myself wanted to make an impression. 

I spotted a girl with the nicest outfit ever, I was very much envious. She had a leather-look A-line skirt (any fashionistas envy) and a 'to-die-for' studded collar necklace; she looked effortlessly style, finished off with black converses that gave her that 'rock chick' kind of look. I will admit that these items have definitely gone onto my Christmas list (maybe even my 'treat yourself' list) I love the formal meets rock chick look. 

Ell.belle.trell x x 

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